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We are your financial planning & goals based investment management team.

Let us help you with your plans to fund your specific goals
for what matters to you most.

Your Financial Planning Advisor and your Investment Portfolio Manager working together to serve you on Glidepath's Portfolio GPS™ platform for goals based investment management.

Your specific goals to fund your life plans and what matters to you most. Defined through specific objectives to fund your Essential, Lifestyle & Discretionary Spending Expenses.

Your unique settings for your goals based investment management plans. Used to implement, monitor and manage your custom portfolios within each separately managed account.

Custom ETF investment management
& monitoring solutions to help you
reach your specific goals
within your
unique set of time, budget, risk and
desired probability settings.

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Get started with your Financial Planning Advisor today.

How We Serve

Personal Financial Planning

Our process starts with your Financial Planning Advisor working with you to define your specific goals based objectives and your unique time, budget, sensitivity and probability preferences.

Professional Investment Management

Glidepath implements your goals based investment plan with your own discretionary Portfolio Manager who manages and monitors your ETF portfolios within your own unique settings and constraints.

Goals Based Technology Platform

Our Portfolio GPS system supports automated daily monitoring and optimized delivery of your custom ETF portfolio solutions for specific goal objectives in separately managed accounts.

Get Started

Start your goals based investment management plan

with your Financial Planning Advisor and Portfolio Manager on Glidepath's Portfolio GPS™ platform today!


  • Integrated Financial Planning & Investment Management
  • Portfolio GPS Goals Based Technology and Platform
  • Adaptive vs. Predictive Asset Allocation
  • Probability of Outcome Optimization
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) Based Portfolios
  • Simple, Transparent Pricing Structure
  • Paperless Processing with DocuSign®


  • Facilitates team support as well as relevant solution delivery
  • Supports customized portfolios in discretionary accounts
  • Portfolios evolve within your constraints to changing markets
  • Maintains portfolios within desired probability settings
  • Low fees, diversification and portfolio construction efficiency
  • Clear and understandable pricing for all services
  • Saves time, reduces paperwork and facilitates accuracy
Find Your Financial Planning Advisor

If you do not have a financial planning advisor but want to talk with a helpful professional to get started, please contact us or schedule a meeting or phone call with one of our participating financial planning advisor partners. We are here to help!

Introduce Your Financial Planning Advisor

If you already have a financial planning advisor and want to get started on your goals based investment management plan together, we would love to meet! Please contact us or schedule an introductory meeting. We are here to serve you both!

Serve Your Clients with Glidepath Portfolio Services

Whether you are working through an MFDA dealer, IIROC brokerage, MGA insurance agency or as an independent financial planning consultant/family office, if you would like to serve your clients' goals based investment plan implementation needs with Glidepath, we have the programs in place to support you. Please contact us today or schedule a meeting with us and we'll get started together.

We look forward to working with you!


Investment Solutions,
not Investment Products

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